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Her hobbies include reading fiction, watching movies, and perusing Google, Stack Overflow, and Quora for even the tiniest tech-related queries. She also enjoys referring to herself in the third person, as that is definitely not weird at all. Using the following two methods, you can use the RTK query within the application. It will create the instance of the Redux store by just accepting a named object to automatically set up the Redux DevTools extension.

  • It’s also easier to test, and to reset the store to a known initial state.
  • With Redux, managing different states of complex applications has become more accessible.
  • Given an initial state, with a specific list of actions in a specific order, it’ll always provide us with the exact same final state of the entity.
  • Now if the user wants to add another item to the cart, then they will have to click on the « Add to Cart » button next to the item.

To keep our code DRY we need to look at the new term Action Creators. That is the reason we have defined all three actions with the same what is redux for type of field. Treat them like customers in a bank with the same intent/action of depositing money (type) but different amounts (text).

Redux Libraries and Tools​

The cartSlice.actions object exports the four reducer functions defined in the reducers property of the createSlice function. In the world of building large applications, one of the biggest challenges, especially for teams of developers, is managing the state. While the Context API is useful, it has its limits, especially for applications with many features.

The Redux team has created three libraries, namely Redux, React-Redux, and Redux Toolkit. All three libraries work together to give you the most out of your React development experience, and in this tutorial article, you’ll learn how to use them. At the same time, its features will bring various benefits while evolving. Some of the principal features will cover things such as assets for coding.

What are Redux’s Key Features

Doing so will create issues in your application and so it’s not recommended. The dispatch function takes an object as a parameter which is known as an action. Here, we’re calling the dispatch function available on the store to send an action with the type INCREMENT to the store. The only way to change the store is by dispatching actions.

What are the features of Redux

If you are building something severe and unsure which use cases might appear in the future, more likely than not, Redux will have a solution for you. While nothing is entirely future-proof, Redux is a safe bet for long-term projects. This limitation sometimes makes things hard because the components might not be close in the component tree, and there might not even be a parent-child path. Redux is a framework used on the frontend of a web application. It’s a way to organize data in its store that controls the elements users see and interact with in the browser.

Most libraries, such as React, Angular, etc. are built with a way for components to internally manage their state without any need for an external library or tool. It does well for applications with few components, but as the application grows bigger, managing states shared across components becomes a chore. If an action is sent to the store, then the store needs to change the state according to the action.

What are the features of Redux

Finally, Redux is becoming popular due to its strong community support. Numerous resources are available online, including tutorials and documentation. This idea makes it even easier for developers to learn how to use Redux effectively. Once we have explained Redux’s basics, it’s a great time to see how it affects the IT world.

What are the features of Redux

Now the reducer will take your action, it will perform its job and it will ensure that you get your money. Sending off the action to the reducer is called dispatching an action. It comes with a redux toolkit query add-on with the @reduxjs/toolkit package.

React Redux implements many performance optimizations internally so that your own connected component only rerenders when it actually needs to. You might assume that keeping the app’s state global would result in some performance degradation. This is the primary reason why you should use Redux, but it’s not the only benefit.